Selected for Microsoft Partner Advisory Council

Kenneth Kryger Gram from Abakion has yet again been chosen by Microsoft as a member of the Partner Advisory Council – as one of only 20 participants from around the world.

Microsoft has established the Partner Advisory Councils to get selected partners to contribute with input on strategy and product development.

There are 14 councils in total, which each have a duration of 2 years, and there are approximately 20 members of each council.

A meeting in the Partner Advisory Council lasts two full days, with the members acting as an expert focus group.

Product-teams within Microsoft take turns presenting to the members and getting feedback and suggestions. If a team receives a lot of comments and feedback, they might come back later in the program and present again and have yet another dialogue with the members.

Insights into Microsoft’s strategy

It is important that it is a confidential space. Microsoft wants to share plans for the future so they can get input on the strategic direction.

Of course, we cannot reveal the knowledge we gain at council meetings, but it gives us a unique insight into Microsoft’s focus and approach to future challenges, and we learn to understand their strategy, so that we can make the best possible use of new initiatives for the benefit of our customers.

Selection process

In the last term, Kenneth Kryger Gram was a member of the “Small & Medium Business” council, and this time he is a member of “Business Applications“, which deals with everything within Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Microsoft has clear requirements for the members of the Partner Advisory Council. They want members who can contribute with unique knowledge and experience and who are willing to participate actively.

There is no taking turns among partners. Microsoft handpicks those who are best at contributing, and the members are invited personally. Selected personally.

Kenneth Kryger Gram has been selected because Abakions journey with Business Central as Cloud, Apps, the Unbox method, Use Dynamics and partner collaboration has positioned us as a front runner within Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

The document on Abakion Unbox

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