The trick to finding the best APPS for Business Central

By: Sune Lohse, Chief Strategy Officer, Abakion
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APPS for Business Central have become extremely popular. Some are good, others are rubbish. It’s a jungle, but this trick will help you discover the very best APPS.

The use of APPS is increasing exponentially

The market for APPS for Business Central is growing rapidly these days, and it is fundamentally changing the way companies manage their ERP system.

  • ERP projects no longer span half a year.
  • Migrations are no longer unpredictable and impossible to forecast.
  • ERP-update projects are a thing of the past.
  • New business processes are no longer expensive to implement in the ERP-solution,
  • and it has become quick to introduce new functionality.

The collaboration between companies and their ERP vendors has changed fundamentally after it has become common for both customers and vendors to use APPS.

ERP-vendors use APPS for everything

It’s not just you as a customer who will look for an app if you need new functionality.

ERP-vendors also start by looking in Microsoft AppSource when a customer has a new request that they must address. It has become easier for ERP-vendors to use APPS from third party vendors, and most ERP-vendors have realized that they become competitive when they address customer needs faster and cheaper by using an APP.

If your ERP-vendor is dragging their feet and are still not using apps, then maybe it’s time to find a more modern vendor.

Some are good – others are bad

A great number of APPS have become available on Microsoft AppSource. There are more than 2000 Business Central APPS to choose from, and the number is increasing every single day.

This is positive. It means you can find an APP for almost any need. You can find FREE APPS that add a field or a feature, but you can also find APPS that deliver deeper functionality in a particular subject area.

But let’s be honest: there are a lot of good APPS, that provide a great value for money, but there are also a lot of rubbish APPS.

With more than 2000 APPS, and all partners wanting to be on the bandwagon, there will inevitably be some half-hearted attempts at producing APPS.

Finding the best APPS on AppSource can be difficult. It’s a bit of a jungle.

The bulletproof trick to finding the best APP

But there are some great tricks (and one bulletproof trick) that can help you find the right APPS.

  • The reviews can give you an impression of the quality of an APP, but unfortunately there are not many reviews. You cannot make a choice based on ratings from only 3 people.
  • Read the description of the APP and check if it can do everything you need. And at the same time – get an impression of whether the description seems professional or not. If the provider does not bother to write a good description, then the quality of the APP is probably not good either.
  • Choose APPS from vendors that have many APPS on AppSource. It shows that they have experience with APPS and that it is important for them to have happy APP-customers. If they only have one APP, then it’s probably their first attempt.

And now we come to the best trick, which is the silver bullet of making the right choice …
… drum roll please…

  • Visit the vendor’s website and check if there is a good manual or instructional videos for the APP. Great quality help material shows that a lot of love and affection has been put into the APP and that it has matured with a lot of customers.

This is by far the most precise method of finding the best APPS.

Read more in this free booklet

And there are actually several more tricks you can use. We have written them in a booklet about APPS for Business Central, which you can get right here.

In this booklet you can also learn about the 3 pricing models for APPS. It is especially the “fake free” APPS that are worth being able to spot.

And you will learn how to install and manage apps … and everything else you need to know about APPS for Business Central.

Submit the form – and a link to the booklet will hit your inbox right away. Enjoy.

You are also welcome to take a look at our selection of APPS for Business Central right here.

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