Marko Perisic – New Member of Abakion’s Board of Directors

Marko Perisic joins the board of Abakion A/S, which is a major scoop for Abakion, as Marko is one of the most experienced people in Microsoft business solutions.

Marko has a background of 12 years at Microsoft, including his role as General Manager for Dynamics 365, i.e. the person responsible worldwide for Microsoft’s business solutions.

Microsoft puts pressure on development

Currently, Microsoft is heavily focused on development, pushing their partners to embrace Cloud, Apps, and AI technologies.

In response, Abakion has decided to go all-in and develop the business by investing in these new technologies, aiming to grow with Dynamics 365 not just in Denmark, but globally.

With this approach Abakion has been successful in attracting a profile like Marko Perisic.

Abakion is Microsoft’s Partner of the Year

This has also led to Microsoft first appointing Abakion as Worldwide Partner of the Year on Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2023, and then Partner of the Year on Business Applications in Denmark in 2024.

Marko Perisic recently visited the studio accompanied by Kenneth Kryger Gram, CEO of Abakion – to talk about what the future holds for Microsoft’s business solutions. Watch the video at the top of this page.