Easy time registration with wizards and start/stop for Business Central

Job Time Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Register time and materials on job tasks – with a wizard or start/stop – on any device – using the Job Time Mobile app for Business Central.

Job Time Mobile is the free app that makes it easy for employees to record time and materials on Jobs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central .

  • You can assign tasks for employees,
  • get a simple overview of the tasks you are working on,
  • use a wizard to easily register time and materials,
  • and you can use start/stop time collectors to produce time registrations.

The app is wizard-based, which makes it simple for everyone to use. And it’s built inside Business Central – it’s not an external app that requires integration.

This is a free app to make clever time recording available for everybody. There is no fee and no subscription.

The features of Job Time Mobile

Register time and materials with a wizard in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Register time and materials with a wizard

You can record time with a wizard. You enter one thing at a time, and the wizard only asks for what it needs. These registrations end up in a Job Journal in Business Central, and in this way we use the functions of the standard solution, but make it easier to use.

Overview in My Job Task in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Overview in My Job Task

In ‘My Job Task’ you can overview the tasks you are working on right now. The manager may have assigned the employee a number of tasks for which the employee can register time.

In this way, the employee has to type less to make a registration – and has a better overview. You only see what you are currently working on.

Use on any device in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Use on any device

Use the time and material recording features on any device you like – desktop, tablet, mobile phone. It enables you to do registrations wherever you go.

Register material consumption in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Register material consumption

You can also record material consumption. This is done in the same way as recording time consumption, and the registrations also end up on Job Journals. There are also features to search for items and to show bin content which are relevant to employees.

Start / stop time recording in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Start / stop time recording

You can use the wizard feature to find a task that you want to start or stop. But the really smart thing is to start and stop tasks directly from the personal overview of tasks. It’s so simple in your daily work.

Overview of ongoing tasks in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Overview of current tasks

You can also see all the current tasks and see how much time has currently been collected on your tasks.

In the configuration, you can decide that it’s only allowed to have one open task at a time, but if you want to register machine time, it may be relevant to collect time on several tasks at the same time, and therefore it is optional.

Smart features in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Smart features

The system always suggests the most logical action. If the task is not started, it suggests starting. If the activity is already in progress, it suggests stopping. You can also end a time collection with a custom reason code, such as that you have to go home early due to illness.

Team members for time recording in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Team members

All employees who use start / stop do not need a full user license for Business Central for time recording. They can settle for a Team Member, which is must cheaper. Only the manager who approves the registrations must be a full user.

This free app utilizes the mobile flow feature to make time recording simple and quick on any device. You don’t need a separate time recording solution.

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