Prepare to go live

Set up Users

Before your company goes live with the Business Central solution, you must create the user accounts you need. You can see more about this topic in these videos:

Video Creating New Users »

If you also want to decide what permissions and roles the individual users are to have, watch more about user rights here.

Create opening balances

Now you just need to post the opening balances, then you can start using the system.

At a minimum, you need to post an opening balance in your chart of accounts.
You should also watch a video about how to copy the company, so that you can test everything.

Video How to copy a Company in Business Central »
Video How to create an Opening Balance in the General Ledger »

If you already have business ongoing, you will probably want to post opening entries for your Customers and Vendors, too. And, if you have physical inventory that you want to manage, remember to carry out a positive adjustment of the inventory. Watch these videos, if you need more than just an opening balance in the chart of accounts

Go live

Once you have created and posted the opening balances, you are ready to use the system.

The first thing you need to do in the system is to add the sales and purchase orders that you may already have in your old system. Watch these videos, if you want to learn how to do this »

You’re done

Congratulations. Well done
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