Getting started with
Dynamics 365 Business Central

This is a collection of 30+ user guide videos about the main processes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are organized in 6 sections regarding: 1. Creating Master Data, 2. Order Handling, 3. Execution, 4. Invoices and Payments, 5. Periodic Activities and 6. Accounting.

The videos serve as a specification of which processes are included in our 5-day implementation service and package solution Abakion 365read all about it here.

1. Creating Master Data

In these videos we will guide you through creating items, production BOMs and routings, how to calculate standard cost, and how to use stockkeeping units (SKU).

2. Order Handling

In this collection of videos we will show you how to set up customers, prices, line discounts, invoice discounts, create sales quotes and sales orders, create vendors, calculate material requirements, and create purchase and productions orders.

3. Execution

Now we will teach you to register receipts on purchase orders, update status on production orders, register consumption of components and time used on production orders, register the finished produced quantity, and how to register shipping on sales orders and print shipping notes.

4. Invoices and Payments

During these videos you will see how to create purchase invoices and sales invoices, and credit memos, how to handle payouts and deposits, and how to work with sales order statistics.

5. Periodic Activities

This sections is about the periodic activities: inventory adjustments, production order statistics, work in progress, and closing productions orders.

6. Accounting

Finally, in the accounting section we will dive into the dimension setup.